A Story of Hope

Patrick and Rosemary, Dr. Tim McDonogh‘s parents, have been going to Kenya for the past 28 years and have during that time been involved in several fund raising activities. Last August they were accompanied by Dr. McDonogh, his partner Jules and their children. Whilst there, they became involved with a local group of children trying to form a football team. Their manager Michael (father of two of the boys) works at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa where the McDonogh family always stay. The players range in ages from 6 years to 13 years old and Michael is aiming to recruit more boys to create two teams with a greater age balance.

The team including Kieron McDonogh and Michael, the manager (and an old football) The McDonogh’s encouraged Michael and the boys to get together more often and to train regularly and on leaving Dr. McDonogh donated a new football from Croydon Orthodontic Practice. Before this the team were using an old football, which had a slow puncture leak and needed regular inflating with an inefficient hand pump.

Croydon Orthodontics has promised more regular support to the team.

The boys can currently only play on the beach at low tide.

Earlier this year Dr. Patrick, Rosemary and Dr. Tim McDonogh’s younger brother Kieron met up again with the team and Michael the manager. They joined in the training session and even played a game on the beach!

They had long discussions with the boys and in particular with Michael the manager about what their priorities were and what they thought they could realistically achieve and in what order. A second football was considered essential and they also pledged to provide new kits for all players. With that in mind, they bought a second new football on behalf of the Croydon Orthodontic Practice and presented it to manager Michael. With the new second ball, they should be able to get more players and as a result have two teams of balanced age groups.

Moving Forward

The next question that needed to be answered was what the team should be called?

Because of the close contact with Croydon Orthodontics and the close link Croydon Orthodontics has with Crystal Palace FC it has been agreed to name the club Majaoni Eagles. Majaoni is the name of the village the boys come from.

So, what does the future hold?

Now that lockdown is easing and home schooling has come to an end for their children, Dr. McDonogh and Jules have had time to organise the new kit for all of the players and will once again be thinking of other ways in which we can help the Majaoni Eagles!