CBCT Scanner


We are delighted to now be able to offer a CBCT scan referral service at our practice! Our new scanner offers you a wealth of 3D information and high definition imaging to support your case planning without needing to invest in additional technology.

Benefits to you:

  • Observe detailed anatomical structure
  • Avoid damage to structure such as nerves in the process of implant surgery
  • Check impacted teeth positions accurately
  • Plan pre-implant surgery effectively
  • Reduce surgery time as a result of more accurate diagnosis
  • Get patients confidence that you have selected the right treatment plan

Benefits to the patient:

  • Safer treatment for your patients
  • Assists with communication with your patients
  • Improved success rates with your procedures
  • Lower radiation dosage for patients -10 times lower than medical x-ray scanners


2D Imaging:

Digital Panoramic (OPG) - £50
Digital Cephalometric (CEPH) - £50

3D Imaging:

Full CBCT Scan 


*prices to be confirmed before procedure depending on clinician request.

Please note all our CBCT scans come in a DICOM format.


To refer a patient, please fill out the webform below, or Click Here to download a paper referral form and send to us via email (xray@bracelands.co.uk).