Your Patient Journey - Three Simple Steps!

At Croydon Orthodontic Practice, we aim to make your treatment as simple as possible.

If you are considering orthodontic services, or if you have been referred by your dentist, start your patient journey to new healthier smile here by following our 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Initial Dentist or Self Referral

In most cases, you will be referred by your dentist, however we do accept self-referrals. Dentists are able to provide specific information and may have records that will help us in our initial diagnosis including xrays and enhanced digital imagery which can be shared

Step 2 - Your Medical History Information

We will not accept patients without first receiving their medical history. Please make sure you have completed the form before your appointment. This also includes your NHS number which is important to be added to your file with us

Step 3 - Your Appointment

Once you have completed steps 1-3 you're now ready for your face to face appointment with us!

Please call us on 02086817638 . Please allow 10 days after completing the above steps so we can secure an appointment for you. Before the day, make sure to read our Welcome Pack for extra information. Please note that first appointments are being booked between 16-28 weeks in advance.  We do have an enhanced assessment service. Please feel free to ask when you call.