Pricing & Finance

Full Consultation - From £25

At Croydon Orthodontic Practice, we offer a low-cost, no-obligation consultation from just £25. This includes:

  • A complete assessment and diagnosis with your specialist orthodontist.
  • A bespoke treatment plan fully designed by your specialist orthodontist.
  • A discussion with our treatment coordinator - they will explain your treatment plan, the payment options available to you and answer any further questions or concerns you might have.
  • A treatment schedule that is tailored to fit around your daily life in the best way possible.

This consultation will last 45-60 minutes. Before starting any treatment, we will need to take further records to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. This includes X-rays and study models. There is a one-off payment for these records which will be discussed with you by our treatment coordinator.

Fees & Finance Options