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“When I was about 10 years old my teeth had gaps between them and I was very conscious of how I looked. I had a brace fitted on my upper and lower teeth for about 2 years and when they were taken off I thought my teeth looked great. They were all straight and in line and I’m no longer afraid to smile. Everyone at the practice has been very kind, especially Maria the dentist. I recommend anyone with the same problems I had to have the same treatment.”
May 2022


“Before I got braces my teeth were quite bad with teeth over-lapping. I chose Croydon Orthodontic as it was referred to me by my dentist. I got braces put on my teeth and it did the job amazingly. My teeth are now straight and I am very happy. The people who put the braces on me were very nice, and I was given helpful tools to clean my braces. I would recommend getting braces if there are problems with your teeth. It definitely gives good results in the end and you can be more confident.”
May 2022


“I had crooked teeth which made it hard to eat. Croydon Orthodontic was recommended to me. I had 4 teeth taken out, and there was a high quality of care, excellent service provided. I have a better smile and no pain when eating.”
April 2022


“I had an overbite before I got my braces. I was referred here by my dentist. Overall, my experience was great, the staff were really friendly and helpful. Though my bite has not been fully corrected, they tried their best and today I finally get them off!”
February 2022


“My teeth were misplaced and my bite wasn't right. Every time I chewed it would hurt. A family friend recommended Croydon Orthodontic Practice to me, so I had brackets put in my mouth, I was insecure about my smile. I was given amazing service from my orthodontist Maria, to everyone that works at the practice, I've always been treated politely and with respect. I now have a better bite and smile. For anyone else getting treatment, I would advise to not think about it twice, since it's more than worth it. This was a good investment in both my time and money.”
February 2022


“My teeth were not straight and growing a bit everywhere so I had to have one removed first to allow the definitive tooth to grow at the right place. Then I have been referred to Croydon Orthodontic Practice to place the braces. The staff there were always friendly and professional and the practice clean. They are following all hygiene and restrictions related Covid. They also have a good range of products and give good advice. It was a good investment in time because my teeth were back to normal. I couldn't wait until I had my braces off to be able to eat the food I craved for! Thank you for putting my teeth back in place.”
February 2022


“After getting some teeth removed my smile was all over the place, and my teeth were not organised or straight at all. I chose this practice as it was close to home and also was recommended to come here by friends and my dentist. I had braces fitted on and it was important to me because I wanted to become proud of my smile and teeth. I was taken care of quite well and was grateful for the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. One major benefit is that I can now be proud of my teeth. I would definitely recommend coming here and just trust the process.”
February 2022


“Very professional and friendly service, knowledgeable doctors; professional and modern equipment; perfectly selected treatment, paying attention to details and aesthetics. I heartily recommend 🙂 I am very happy with the results 🙂 Besides, the place is very friendly 🙂 I recommend.”
June 2021


My whole experience was amazing! I am very nervous of the dentist so was extremely scared of the orthodontist. They made me feel comfortable, safe, and were all lovely!! Thank you Dr Adil for my new smile!!
March 2021


Before having braces I was very self conscious about my teeth and my smile. It was always a very touchy topic for me because they were so protruding. As soon as all my teeth fell out, I leapt at the opportunity to have braces. I first had adjustable retainers to move my 'bite' which avoided any teeth being taken out, for roughly a year, then braces for another year. Since having them, I've grown in confidence and now don't have to worry about my smile anymore (even though it does feel strange), so thank you, Croydon Orthodontics.
March 2021


After 2 years and some months of wearing braces with Croydon Orthodontic practice, I can say that I would highly recommend this clinic. I want to say thank you especially to Georgina Cartwright and Amy for their amazing professional work. Always remained friendly, professional, and listened to any concerns I had, made sure that I left their clinic happy from the very first day until the end of treatment. Now I can say that I am confident again to smiles with their help. Thank you, Georgina, Amy and the rest of the team at the clinic.
October 2020


I loved that I was able to smile again. When I didn't have any braces on, I always felt self-conscious of my teeth and so I never really showed anyone my teeth. Whenever I smiled, I would always think someone was staring at them and judging them, but that obviously wasn't the case. After 3 years of having my braces off, I felt very satisfied with the outcome. I can say that I feel way more confident than I had before and I feel so good about myself when I smile. It was all worth it in the end and I'm very happy with my experience.
September 2020


I had severe overcrowding top & bottom, which was unsightly at best and prone to infection at worst. I work in the television industry & my smile (or lack of one!) had a detrimental effect on my confidence, I had a chat with my dentist who then referred me to Croydon Orthodontics. Firstly, it was the positivity & understanding around my circumstances, I had sought advice previously and had never been made as comfortable or felt confident in the eventual outcome as I was with Croydon Orthodontic’s. The most important part was that I didn’t lose any work whilst the treatment took place, and I’m happy to say that was the case. Obviously, I wanted to have the confidence of a healthy smile too. The path that I chose was not the quickest or most straightforward, but it fulfilled all the criteria I needed. It was the friendly professionalism I encountered every step of the way and the range of options offered meant that I was able to tailor the treatment to my specific circumstances. Nothing was too much trouble. If I needed an emergency appointment, I received one without fail. If I stuffed up and forgot an appointment, I was accommodated as though it hadn’t been my fault! Bushra and her assistants were unfailingly professional, friendly and patient. I was almost disappointed when the process came to an end. Almost! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CO to anybody!
MARCH 2020 - Mark Butcher


My son Joshua had spaces in his teeth and one tooth was turning out. My daughter had also been at the practice and had a successful experience, so I was very pleased to be referred here. As previously we had an efficient service and friendly staff. I knew that form the products and services available that we would have a successful outcome for Josh and he would be confident with the result. Our previous experience has been excellent and having the same orthodontist throughout the treatment who was welcoming and efficient, I believe helped with the speed of treatment and the result.
March 2020 - Claire Burr (Mum)


My teeth were all over the place and looked out of place. They did not hurt at the time but I knew if I did not get the treatment they would start. Heathfield Clinic suggest that I came to Croydon Orthodontics, I knew from speaking to them they had products that would help me to get my teeth straight I was very nervous at first but the Orthodontist was really nice, with great tips to get me started. The Starter kit I was given was really helpful. I am so pleased I got a good result!
March 2020 - Gustova Silva Freitas


Before I had my braces, I didn’t really like my teeth as some of them used to stick out a lot and I did not like smiling in photos. But since I have had them off, I feel more confident in posing for photos.
February 2020 - Sophie Keel


My teeth were not in the right place, so I did my own research and found Croydon Orthodontics, I just really wanted my teeth to be straight and even, I am happy to be coming here as it’s a good place to go.
February 2020 - Hossame Madmoune


Before I came to you my teeth were not straight and I was referred by my dentist to Croydon Orthodontics, I was excited to have nice teeth but scared it would hurt the whole time. I have now had them on for 6 months and they do not hurt has much I thought they would. I am very lucky Georgina is great, she is funny, caring, very polite and taking good care of me. Everyone makes me feel comfortable. It’s kinda quicker than I thought!
February 2020 - Magdalena Swiatezak


I have a gap between my teeth, and they are crooked on the top and bottom, I was referred by my dentist so that I could get my teeth straightened and close the gap! I was not keen as first because all I thought about was the braces pain… it was fine Georgina is nice and the treatment is easy. It’s a nice building and they have great technology to help with teeth. I would definitly recommend the staff as they are very nice.
February 2020 - Abena Appiah


My teeth were very badly damaged due to an accident, and I was referred to Croydon Orthodontics by my dentist. I really like the non-aggressive approach when dealing with my teeth. I am looking forward to getting my braces on to straighten my teeth and then seeing the results at the end of treatment. I like attending the practice as it's clean and well organised, it also helps its location its easy to get to. I would recommend my friends because the service and quality were exceptional.
February 2020 - Jakub Smyklan


My teeth were overcrowded, had gaps and were not straight! I did some research into Croydon Orthodontics and the dentists were better than the others in the local area. I was looking forward to having straight teeth, the staff is really friendly and the check-ups were frequent. With regular check-ups and feedback, I was able to see my progress. I would recommend you and the services provided are useful and advanced.
February 2020 - Iman Hussain


The teeth were very overcrowded and cluttered looking so my dentist sent a referral to you, Bracelands filled us with confidence as they are experts in this field and assured me that I would have lovely straight teeth and a natural smile. Our Orthodontist was very confident that she could achieve the desired results. The whole process was very efficient and highly professional. At every stage, we were consulted on the progress and given options. We were treated like VIPs at every appointment. I cannot imagine better service!
January 2020 - Sebastian Stard


I had one of my teeth extremely out of place and not all my teeth were straight so my dentist referred me to Croydon Orthodontics, the staff and nurses are very kind and friendly and the treatment has been quick and effective. My main aim was to have lovely straight teeth. I would recommend to others because the service was very fast and packs for my braces were always offered at reception to keep my teeth clean. Very good service 10/10.
January 2020


I was referred by my dentist, when I came to the practice I was sold on the Orthodontists and the good reputation of Croydon Orthodontics. The results were fantastic and I am very pleased with the results!
January 2020 - Han Joon Kymm


I had a few crooked teeth and it made me feel insecure, most of my friends told me Croydon Orthodontics is the best. I was pleased how quick it was to get straight teeth. I would recommend you because of how kind and professional you are.
January 2020


I was unhappy with the look of my teeth so I came to see you. The staff is very polite and helpful. As a customer at a place like this, you feel like going to be a long and boring process, I enjoyed my time coming here and it was very interesting. I didn’t; expect my teeth to look this good and so yes, I would recommend you.
January 2020


My teeth were a bit crooked, so I was referred to you, most people come to you so it seemed like the best option. The orthodontist spoke nicely, and they were very professional. My teeth were fixed in less than a year. What has exceeded my expectations is the quality of treatment I received, and I would recommend you.
January 2020


Definitely go for treatment and Croydon Orthodontics! It's worth it, the result will make them feel so much better about them. Absolutely would do it again without hesitation.
October 2018


I was not too comfortable smiling due to my 2 front teeth overlapping, my friend suggested that I came to Croydon Orthodontics, it was a great location near to my home and my brother had had treatment before me. I just love my teeth now and had an amazing all-round experience.
January 2020


I had lots of gaps and spaces between my teeth. It was recommended by my local dentist I especially liked the kindness of the doctors and waiting times were short. My ultimate aim was to gain a great smile. The pricing was reasonable compared to other places. There was flexible payment options and a fast responding customer service. The staff always go the extra mile and are very understanding. Thank you for creating the best version of me.
January 2020


My experience has been amazing and has been well worth going through. Today my braces have been removed and I am over the moon with the result! I would like to say a massive thank you to the team at Croydon Orthodontics because this is going to improve my confidence for the rest of my life.
December 2018


It was really worth it, they treated me so kindly. I had an amazing experience. I would recommend them to anyone, not just my friends and family.
H. Freitas - March 2018


We've been very happy with the service we’ve received at the the orthodontist. We’ve got two daughters that have been through this process and it’s all been very good. Whenever there has been a problem with the braces we call up and it’s a quick fix. It’s all been a very good experience!
Dad (J.Mamode) - January 2018


I am always impressed by how punctual you are. Every appointment is exactly on time. Thank you. Very clean, friendly and punctual. Highly recommended!
S. Hayes - 9th august 2017


Georgina was very friendly and professional. Venus hated smiling before she had braces and now she's modelling nationally and internationally with directors always commenting on her smile! Thank you. 5 Stars all-round!
Brigitte (Venus' mum) - 8th August 2017


Testimonial quote. The staff are really friendly and if there are problems they book you in quickly. The treatment was the maximum you can get through NHS and the orthodontic dentist very professional. Facilities easy to access from South Croydon station, only 2 minutes walk.
Hannah Cooper - 9th October 2017


For such a busy practice, we have always found the staff to be courteous and helpful, with excellent and professional service at all times. 5 Stars all-round Qoute
Lucia - 27th June 2017


Excellent customer service! Very Impressed! Staff are professional and helpful. My son said, be careful about the food you eat. These can break the brace. Need to change the way you eat and what you eat. Some foods you have to avoid altogether. Brush your teeth after every meal. My son's teeth are wonderful now. He is constantly smiling. His teeth were very bad before, his whole mouth and smile has been transformed. Best investment for my son. It has changed his life and made him more confident. Thank you very much!
D. Richards - April 2016


Hi After visiting for our daughter's first appointment last week, I'd like to say from the onset of entering the surgery, we were greeted with a smile from the reception staff which demonstrates their excellent customer care skills. My daughter saw Dr Sawyer and we felt that his communication was excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable experience for Emily. She left excited and happy. I would definitely recommend this practice and I think a lot of practices could learn a thing or two about customer care from you all. Qoute Thank you so much. Best regards
M Belle - February 2016


I would recommend this Practice to friends and family. I was very satisfied with how long I had to wait for an appointment. At all times, I was treated with respect and dignity. I was very satisfied with my involvement in the decision making of my care. As a paying customer, I was very satisfied with the information provided regarding the cost of treatment Excellent care from all staff. but in particular Maria Peridi, who provided exceptional care and support. With her fantastic skill and patience, the transformation from the beginning of my treatment to the outcome is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this practice but in particular Maria, who provided first class treatment. Thank you so very much as we all thought at one stage this would not be as happy an outcome as it is. Excellent all-round care
Phoebe Istead - 15th July 2017


My daughter used to hate her smile. She would avoid talking to new people, taking photos and this made her miss so many opportunities. Now she has so much confidence, her bite is so much better and cannot stop smiling. My daughter says; don't worry about how you're going to look with braces on because you can have fun colours and your teeth after treatment are perfect. Georgina Cartwright is a great orthodontist. My daughter has a fear of the dentist but going to the orthodontist has never been a struggle because Georgina is very friendly and professional. My daughter felt like she never had to worry about her braces because we received a lot of helpful information on how to care for them and Georgina definitely knew what she was doing. Qoute
B. Kwamba - April 2016


My daughter had her braces on for nearly two years they were taken on last Wednesday her teeth look so beautiful and I am very pleased with the outcome many thanks for all what you have done for her.
April 2016


We would recommend Croydon Orthodontics because of the exceptional staff and the way we were treated it was a warm and welcoming experience. So happy.
April 2016


My son and I had a very positive experience at the practice. We were greeted with a friendly and professional manner from all of the team we came into contact with. Thank you all for this as my son was put at ease. Thanks again
A. Hunt - April 2016


Brilliant service. Made our first visit feel so at ease. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my daughters face again. Very professional Georgina. Where the others let us down i know we will get the best care.
April 2016


A very happy daughter, now with a sensational smile! My daughter's treatment plan was clearly explained, well supported and completely successful! I would have no hesitation in recommending the quality of service and care offered at Croydon Orthodontics. My thanks to the entire staff particularly Georgina for the patient care and support extended to my daughter and myself. Regards
K.Phillips - February 2016


Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was visiting this afternoon. My son really appreciated being treated like a valued person instead of previous experiences where everything is just aimed at his Mum. Also how clear everything was and all the staff were so friendly and happy – such a change from the Orthodontist I was used to with my elder two children. With thanks,
Lisa - February 2016


All staff at bracelands are brilliant! My son has always been made to feel special and always feels happy and comfortable to come to you, when his brace or brackets have broken he always worries he will be told off but never has been which makes us feel so happy that we are under your care to give my son an amazing smile! I just hope when my youngest needs his brace we can come to you. Massive thanks from me.
Mum to (T. Everest) - 2nd October 2017


A huge thank you to Dr Tim McDonogh and the whole team at Croydon Orthodontic Practice who cared for me and gave me a beautiful smile. From day one, when I met Tim and his team, I trusted them and I believed that they would deliver the care they stated they could do. The whole team at the practice is very caring, helpful, smart, professional yet very friendly and welcoming. I must say that before I met Tim, I started my orthodontic treatment with other dental clinic which left me with "a bit of mess" and not to mention that they went bankrupt and I was left with no equipment to carry on the treatment. After wearing partial fixed braces for one year, no improvement was noticed at all and not to mention that they removed all nr 5 teeth and later on during my orthodontic treatment, I found out that it was a huge mistake because we could not close the gaps completely. My local dentist introduced me to Tim, and from day one when I met him, I knew I could trust him. He was very kind to take over the case and to help me to complete my treatment. He is a very kind, gentle, supportive and caring doctor. Tim explained to me in details the best options to complete my treatment. He listened to me and took on board my concerns regarding choosing the type of braces and the hectic life I have. I am delighted with the final result and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Croydon Orthodontic Practice to anyone who might be thinking of straightening their teeth - no matter how old you are. I can't stop smiling. There are no words to describe how happy I am with the outcome and how grateful I am to the whole team for the wonderful care they provided for me. Thank you very much to the whole team. Kindest Regards,
Mrs A Oduyemi - October 2015