Removable Braces

Croydon Orthodontic Practice is one of the largest orthodontic referral centres in the UK, serving the Croydon community and beyond for both NHS and private treatment. During your initial consultation, one of our specialist orthodontists may suggest removable braces as a treatment option if they feel that this is a suitable solution for your problem.

Why Choose Removable Braces?

Usually, when people are recommended braces by their dentist or orthodontist they instantly jump to the conclusion that they are going to be spending the next two years with a mouth full of metal. However, this does not always have to be the case - nowadays there are numerous treatments which can be an effective alternative to traditional braces.

Every smile is different, as is every treatment. If only a minor procedure is needed to correct the alignment of your teeth, then removable braces could be the solution for you. Removable braces are usually made of a plastic plate and are kept in your mouth by metal clips that fit over the front and back of your teeth. As the name suggests, these braces can be taken out for meals and when completing your daily oral hygiene routine.

The Benefits Of Removable Braces

At Croydon Orthodontic Practice, we think removable braces are a great option for minor orthodontic problems as they can help you to get the smile you’ve always wanted without needing to wear an uncomfortable brace. Comfort aside, removable braces are favourable for a number of reasons, including:

  • How easily they can be taken out for eating and brushing
  • Reduced risk of oral hygiene problems that can arise during treatment
  • The ease at which they can be maintained at home
  • A potentially shorter treatment duration than traditional braces
  • A subtlety of appearance - perfect for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings!

Removable braces aren’t suitable for everyone, and as with all of the treatments we offer, we always recommend you speak to one of our trained professionals before beginning your treatment journey with us. To find out if removable braces are right for you, book a consultation at our Croydon or Redhill orthodontists today by calling us on 020 8681 7638. Our team of specialists will be happy to explain your options to you.


What are the benefits of removable braces?

The main benefits of removable braces are the fact that they are discreet, convenient and comfortable. Some removable braces may only need to be worn for 22 hours a day, meaning that you can remove them for contact sports, meal times or even to play a musical instrument.

How much do removable braces cost?

The cost of removable braces will depend on your unique treatment plan - one of our specialists at Croydon Orthodontic Practice will discuss the cost with you during your initial consultation.

Are removable braces as effective as fixed braces?

At Croydon Orthodontic Practice, we tailor each treatment plan to cater to our clients’ unique requirements. Removable braces and fixed braces are both viable treatment options but tend to be used to rectify different issues.

Removable braces are most effective for clients with mild-to-moderate orthodontic problems and are a good option for treating crowded or misaligned teeth.

Fixed braces are typically more expensive than removable ones, however, this treatment can be quicker than the removable alternative.

As always, your specialist orthodontist will discuss the best options for you during your consultation.