Staff very friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend this practice!
Miss D


Everything exceptional, couldn’t have asked for more. Extremely pleased with the results. Thank you to everyone.
Mrs S


I have been absolutely delighted with the results of my orthodontic treatment. I have always received friendly professional treatment from both Tim and the reception staff
Mrs Susan Withey


Thank you all so much for making my experience at Claremont at 45 a good one. You have all been so friendly and helpful.
Miss K


I don’t usually enjoy going to the dentist but strangely I have looked forward to my visits to Claremont at 45. I have found it a very friendly place and I am so happy with my new teeth. All the staff are always smiling on arrival and always happy to help. Mr McDonogh is a very intelligent guy with a lovely personality and he has done a brilliant job. The waiting room is very relaxing and furnished nicely. Overall a fantastic experience. Thank you
Mrs G Taibi


Claremont at 45 Ever since my milk teeth disappeared and my adult teeth came through, I’ve lived with crooked front teeth which seem to run in the family. Although when in my teens I’d mentioned it to my dentist, I didn’t seriously think about having my teeth straightened or pursue any treatment until my children, who had inherited the same crooked teeth, decided to have Orthodontic treatment. Having seen the results, I decided that I was going to see what could be done for my teeth. At the next routine appointment with my own dentist I enquired about Orthodontics and my dentist referred me to Claremont at 45. At my initial assessment appointment, I was heartened to hear that you’re never too old to undergo Orthodontic treatment. My Initial fears of being too old any my teeth firmly set in place were soon dispelled. I was given sound advice and a complete information pack to read before deciding to go ahead. Various treatments are available, using either plastic or metal wire braces. I decided to opt for metal wire braces which although perhaps are more unsightly than the plastic ones, I felt would be stronger and offer me a better result in a shorter timescale. The course of treatment I opted for using metal braces would last for twelve months. At my first appointment photos were taken and brackets fitted to my teeth, into which the bracing wires were fixed. I was given a pack of wax to put onto any areas where the braces rubbed uncomfortably on the inside of my cheeks, but generally managed without using it. There is a slight bit of discomfort for a couple of days, but it soon passes. Follow up appointments were at roughly ten week intervals, during which the bracing wire were changed, gradually using stronger wires each time. At the time of writing, I’m now some ten months into the treatment. The difference to the alignment of my teeth is really noticeable – I’m really delighted with the results. There’s just a final bit of tweaking to do now, then the braces will be removed, although I’ll need to wear a retainer for a while afterwards until the teeth are firmly set in place to ensure that they don’t try and migrate back to their old positions. All in all, I’m really pleased with the way my course of treatment has been handled by Claremont at 45. The practice is extremely professional; the staff have been both courteous and discreet. The results of the orthodontic treatment to my teeth have exceeded my expectations and for the first time in my life I am beginning to be able to smile confidently. For anyone with crooked teeth I’d recommend a visit to Claremont at 45. You might be pleasantly surprised.
John Greenslade (Age 60)